Research Area C
Publications 2017

Light induced bond cleavage is an ubiquitous process in large molecules, yet its quantum nature is not fully understood. We present a comprehensive description of the ultrafast light induced C-Cl bond cleavage in diarylmethyl chlorides combining femtosecond transient absorption measurements with ab initio calculations. We observe a ... READ MORE

Over the past few years quantum control has proven to be very successful in steering molecular processes. By combining theory with experiment, even highly complex control aims were realized in the gas phase. In this topical review, we illustrate the past achievements on several examples in the molecular context. The next step for the ... READ MORE

The RNA nucleobase uracil can suffer from photodamage when exposed to UV light, which may lead to severe biological defects. To prevent this from happening in most cases, uracil exhibits an ultrafast relaxation mechanism from the electronically excited state back to the ground state. In our theoretical work, we demonstrate how this ... READ MORE

Aplydactone (1) is a brominated ladderane sesquiterpenoid that was isolated from the sea hare Aplysia dactylomela together with the chamigranes dactylone (2) and 10-epi-dactylone (3). Given the habitat of A. dactylomela, it seems likely that 1 ... READ MORE

For the series furan, furfural and β-furfural we investigated the effect of substituents and their positioning on the photoinduced relaxation dynamics in a combined theoretical and experimental approach. Using time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy with a high intensity probe pulse, we can, for the first time, follow the whole ... READ MORE

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